Unique Zombie Film “Colin” Premieres At Cannes

I love me a great zombie flick, and a film called Colin premiered at Cannes that is right up my alley. The word of mouth on it is so good that major distributors are looking at it. Watch the trailer and find out how much the film cost to make after the jump. You’ll be horribly surprised! Muahaahh! (Sorry, had to do it)

The indie film turns the zombie sub-genre on its head by taking the zombie’s point of view. Even more interesting is that the film was made for only $70. Not seventy thousand dollars. Seventy. Wow. Most of the savings came from using volunteers from Facebook and donated equipment, locations, make up, and props. Here’s an excerpt from the film’s official website:

Written and directed by Marc Price COLIN is the first feature film for Nowhere Fast Productions. Starring Alastair Kirton in the title role, it was an attempt by the film makers to produce a low budget zombie movie that offered an original angle on the undead that would be of interest to both fans and newcomers to the genre.

Without funding it was very important from the start of production to make COLIN using more enthusiasm and inventiveness than dependency on a budget to solve any problems (technical or otherwise).

It was difficult trying to come up with an original idea using zombies when everything has been done so perfectly in the films of George Romero, Shaun of the Dead and eve non-zombie epics such as 28 days later and Planet Terror. So Nowherefast have always considered COLIN a distant, switched at birth-disowned and adopted cousin of these films.

Thanks to CNN for additional details on the film.

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