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Comic-Con: Want To See The Avatar Trailer? Not In San Diego?

Keep in mind that this is a shot in the dark, and just a crazy theory.

Yesterday, youtube uploaded a video that stated videos could now be played in 3-D. Now, is it not a weird coincidence that they announced this a day before footage from the biggest 3-D film ever debuts at comic-con? I think not. James Cameron has said many times that he wants Avatar to debut in 3-D, yet before today, no site allowed 3-D as an option, now YouTube does. All the pieces are lined up for a huge trailer debut. Although it isn’t RealD, it is still 3-D.

Ill be keeping tabs on youtube for the rest of the weekend, and if my theory is correct, we’ll post an update to this article with the trailer attached. Until then, you can follow our Comic-Con reporters,  Rose, and Kelsey.

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