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New 2012 E-mail: Ambassadors Chosen

I came home tonight to see a new e-mail from Soren Ulfert in my inbox:

If you were interested in becoming an Ambassador but weren’t able to, there are still ways for you to help. For one thing, you can spread the word of the IHC’s mission to your friends and neighbors. You can tell them to enroll in the survival lottery and encourage them to participate in our election for the Leader of the Post-2012 World.
You yourself may well be the Leader we are searching for – remember, the election launches on Aug. 10. Click here for more information. Together, we can ensure that the end is just the beginning.


Soren Ulfert
Communications Director
The Institute for Human Continuity
Twitter: @sorenulfert



Do you know anyone who was at Comic-Con, or who might’ve become an Ambassador? I believe our own Nick Butler won, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens from here.

2012 opens everywhere on November 20th, 2009.

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