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District 9 Viral: “George” Explained and Christopher Addresses Arc Gun on Ebay

On a call with a Sony representative today, we got a little insight into the reasoning behind the change in names of the blogger on If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my original article about it. Apparently, the blog site was originally designed to be autonomous from the film. This was in part due to the fact the site was created before production had ended, so they were not sure whether or not they could tie it into the film. Once the film was locked, they reassessed the situation and went ahead and connected to the film’s character Christopher to the site. This was right around the time they restarted their viral, so only us diehards would really know the difference.

Speaking of Christopher’s blog, he has a new post talking about the Arc Gun that is on Ebay. You may remember our original article on the prop gun’s auction. Of note is that Christopher treats the auction like it’s for a real gun.

In the District 9 viral, Christopher is a non-human who blogs about how Multinational United mistreats his species. For more information on the viral and movie, check out the District 9 page. District 9 opens nationwide August 14th. Advance tickets are available on Fandango.
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