Possibility of More 2012 Viral?

As you may or may not know, I have been participating in the contest for Post-2012 Leader, which has been running for a few weeks now. Well today they posted the last round of tests. Upon completion, you receive a PDF file of an origami pyramid. Now, this is either a congratulatory door prize, or, it’s something more.

On the website for the IHC, there is a section titled “Initiatives” that discusses all possible ways of survival. Could be space. Could be underground. Wherever destruction is NOT happening. One of those initiatives is called “Cultural and Historical Analysis”. From there, go to the Mayan and Native American group.

First, read the article dated January 25th, 2009. It discusses four codes in Mayan civilization that are used to predict the date of 12/21/2012 based on countless charts that can be found by clicking a link on the right of the IHC page. ASTRONOMY IN THE CODICES

Now, based off of my cool little pyramid, I believe those codecs are as follows:

Now, click the news article dated January 29th, 2009. There you will see a video from IHC anthropologist Dr. Joshua H. Corrigan, PhD. He discusses the finding of a 5th codec. A remarkable find indeed.

So, I flip the pyramid over, and tada!

Does that make me an anthropologist now?

So, we have a big step in what could be something to keep us busy. Or, I’ve spent a ton of time looking for clues on a piece of 8 cent paper. Join the forum and help in the fun!

And remember, the tests may be over in the contest, but I can bring on advocates until September 8th by clicking here.


2012 opens nationwide November 13th, 2009.
2012 opens November 13th.

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