2012 – MovieViral Needs Your Help

Update: Forum member MOVIELORD101 has deciphered the code! Take a look:

RE:Project Naaczal
Status Briefing, SEPT, Twenty two.

We are now concluding feasibility studies and preliminary research for project Naaczaal analysis
Indicating a high probability of success, and small-scale prototyping has begun.
As of now we are several weeks behind schedule, but are working to collect data, resources and technology that would accelerate the project by thirty percent.

Cost analysis shows that internal resources on hand are still insufficient. All available resources have been reassigned to Naaczaal where possible.

We are continuing with existing funding strategies as per the previous funding methods report and anticipate full funding levels will be reached by XQ GP( 3-10-2011). If not significantly sooner.

All Staff, Please note that this overview is eyes only and should be deleted after reading.

So much for being for “eyes” only. We’re still not sure what this means, or what exactly Project Naaczaal is, but we’ll keep digging. This is the project that Soren Ulfert was told to forget on one of his voicemails, and the word is supposedly Mayan for “to be lifted.” If you find anything else, let us know! (Written by Dan)

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I was going to inform you of a couple of updates in the world of Sony’s film, 2012, but I thought, why bother. World’s going to end. Total destruction. No hope for any of us.

But then I remembered, the film comes out PRIOR to 2012 and we should be ok.

One of the sites we brought to your attention, NewsDoneRight, has a couple of updates, which I am not sure that are of any importance as of yet.

The first one is an excerpt from the novel written by Jackson Curtis, titled Farewell Atlantis:

My name is Captain Troy Scottsman. I am the Chief Systems Engineer on the Space Shuttle Atlantis. I am one of an original crew of seven – now six – sent into space to measure the effects of increased solar radiation upon advanced radio and satellite systems. It is the year 2012, and during our six weeks in orbit we have recorded extraordinary evidence that massive gravitational forces from the Galactic Alignment have been a catalyst to unprecedented solar storm activity. The Earth’s magnetic field largely deflects these violent showers of solar protons bombarding our planet. However, as the storms grow larger and more frequent and more violent, the protective power of the magnetic field will diminish.

We want to report back to Earth about the imminent danger, but somebody does not want us to do this. Our radio connection has been jammed for two days and our equipment has been sabotaged. If you need any more proof, look no further than the dead astronaut floating off my starboard side towards the general vicinity of Jupiter.

Almost seems as if they are being kept out there in space. Sort of a bank of intelligence that will be available when all is done.

The next update is of an artifact in a museum in NYC that seems to have been stolen. Problem is, whatever this artifact is, it’s simply too big to be removed. Maybe the stone of a pyramid?

It looks like these sculptures were replaced with replicas at some point,” she said. “I have proof – I took photos for my project early last year, and they clearly show a tiny pattern of cracks that aren’t there anymore.

“I thought you said you needed my help?” is what you are saying? Well, here is where you come in.

Back on CorruptionTheory, there has been a little detective work by whomever is running the show. It seems as if a new code has shown up, and no one has the time to decipher it. With all of the “end of world” preparation, can you blame them? Even Charlie Frost had a tweet about it.

Take a look and see how your skills match up. If you can figure this out first, you will receive full credit. Of course, you must join the forum however for full credit.

922: 119121722247 132626241262615

8726768 259182221181320, 822117 74221372-7412

422 26922 13124 2412132415623181320 2122268182518151872 8762318228 261323 1192215181418132692 9228222692419 21129 119121722247 132626241262615. 2613261528188 1813231824267228 26 19182019 1191225262518151872 1221 8624242288, 261323 814261515-824261522 119127127211181320 19268 252220613. 268 1221 13124 422 26922 82252292615 42222168 252219181323 82419222361522, 2567 26922 412916181320 712 2412151522247 2326726, 9228126924228 261323 7222419131215122018228 719267 41261523 262424221522926722 71922 119121722247 252 71918972 112292422137.

241287 2613261528188 8191248 719267 18137229132615 9228126924228 1213 19261323 26922 87181515 181386212118241822137. 261515 26526181526251522 9228126924228 1926522 25222213 92226881820132223 712 132626241262615 41922922 11128818251522.

422 26922 241213718136181320 418719 2231887181320 2161323181320 879267222018228 268 11229 71922 119225181268 2161323181320 142271912238 922111297 261323 261371824181126722 2161515 2161323181320 1522522158 4181515 2522 9222624192223 252 310 2011, 1821 13127 81820131821182426137152 8121213229.

261515 87262121, 11152226822 1312722 719267 719188 125229518224 188 222228 1213152 261323 8191261523 2522 2322152272223 26217229 9222623181320.

Your help will be greatly appreciated and if MovieViral has any say in the Apocalypse, we’ll make sure you are taken care of.

2012 opens November 13th everywhere.

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