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Heroes: The Carnival Comes To Town

The third episode of Heroes season 4 starts tomorrow night and with it comes a new ARG. NBC and Sprint have teamed up to give you a true interactive experience during tomorrow night’s show, as well a new website centered around the Sullivan Brothers carnival. The new website has been created for the occasion with signs left in the stands informing when the attraction will open up. The attractions are staggered over a couple of weeks, so it will be interesting to see what each week will bring in terms of games and the secrets they hide. Exclusive online webisodes can be seen revolving around the carnival.

There are new interactive stories to read including one retelling Tracy’s adventures in the gap between season 3 and 4, as well as the latest novel which centers around Hiro’s recent visit to the Sullivan brothers carnival. Next up in the list is a sweepstakes, with everyone’s favourite prize……money! By playing the heroes interactive story starting on the 28th, you can take the prize and walk away with $25,000 in your pocket!

Perhaps the two greatest features are the interactive SMS campaign that runs live in conjunction with the episodes and the Heroes ARG: Survival. The interactive game has already started, but there is plenty of time to catch up. The first step is to create your own character; a hero with their own ability who has to deal with the challenges presented in everyday life and learning to live with their new abilities. The game seems pretty cool and will evolve over time with the promise of creating new factions, encouraging you to pick a side and decide whether you want to be “Hero“ or a “Villain”.

Last, but definitely not least, is the interactive SMS experience that goes live tomorrow for episode 3. By texting HPLAY to 62288 you will sign up for SMS texts during the show. Every episode you will get texts throughout the show with character bios, trivia questions, real-time polls and insider facts. He clues given throughout will unlock an as yet un-revealed mystery

So, if you’re a Heroes fan, remember to sign up and follow the campaign on text and online. If you find anything interesting during tomorrows episode or on the website, remember to share in our comments section below.
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