2012: BE THERE!

Something big is going to happen..but what? Soren Ulfert’s blog is telling us where and when, just not what we can expect.

Two days before our… party… I’ll send my message out to you from 8am to noon. One day before I’ll transmit from 3pm to 6pm. For now, go to your location and keep your eyes open in the morning on Saturday and Monday, and in the afternoon on Sunday and Tuesday.

Apparently he is working with the “Theorist” from CorruptionTheory. He got in good graces with this person rather quick. Which again, leads me to believe, that the person behind the theories, is Adrian Helmsley.

Since there are a TON of locations, I will summarize the areas, and for the full list, you can go here. They have been posted by forum member sportzfrk99.

These places are listed right down to the longitude and latitude. And, as much as I love me some viral, I don’t see myself driving three hours to “try” and find this. So, that’s where you, the reader, comes in. If you are in these areas, let us know what you see. Take pictures, record video, even scan any propaganda you may find. Anything you get will be listed here on MovieViral.

2012 is in theaters November 13th. For more information on the film and its viral campaign, check out our 2012 page.

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