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2012: The IHC Has Their Nominees for Leader of the Post-2012 World

Yesterday the Institute for Human Continuity chose their twelve nominees in their quest to find the new leader of the post-2012 world. For those who don’t remember, each of the nominees gets a free PlayStation 3 and Sony HD Camcorder (It’s nice to have Sony Pictures as your production studio). The winner of the contest gets a a trip to Cancun!

Unfortunately, our editor Scott did not make the cut, but you can find out who all the nominees are here. Each candidate has a profile page that includes a campaign video, a bit of personal info, and what works of art they would save for the post-2012 world. On their profile you can vote for them by submitting your information. Voting ends November 3rd, so get to it!

What do you think of the candidates?
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