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The Office: More Wedding Site Updates Leading Up to the Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day for Jim and Pam on The Office, as the two will finally tie the knot after 5+ seasons. We’ve reported before on the wedding site created for the couple as part of the show’s online viral presence, and now we have a bunch more updates as the event approaches. In fact, all the pages on the site finally have content.

We learned in the second episode of the season that the nuptials will take place at Niagara Falls. Now, the site has been updated to reflect that. It’s become clear that Pam is running the site, which isn’t a surprise, since I can’t imagine Jim doing that. Here is what she had to say about Niagara Falls on her site:

It turns out, Westminster Abbey is all booked up, so Jim and I are to wed at the Spruce Avenue Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, NY.

Growing up, my parents frequently took us to the falls for our family vacations. I loved it. I loved the trees and wet bridges. I loved walking through the Criminals Hall of Fame Wax Museum (their Al Capone sort of looked like my grandpa). And I loved it when my dad took me hiking around the Bridal Veil Falls — obviously named to promote wedding tourism in the area (worked on me). I guess we decided to get married there because it seems like a good place for Jim and I to make our first memories as husband and wife…that and the Spruce Avenue Presbyterian Church was the only one in the area that didn’t have black mold.

Check out the Guest Book to see comments by both characters and fans, and even add your own comment. The Gift Registry is short, but humorous. I can’t imagine anyone will get their last item. Lastly, check out the Guest Info page to see “Things To Do in the Area”.

What do you think of the site? We’ll update you tomorrow on any more additions or changes before the one-hour special. The Office airs Thursdays at 8/9c on NBC.
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