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2012 Monday News Round-Up

There are a few tidbits to report on 2012 today, but unfortunately the results of today’s Miami pick-up are not included. We are still waiting for confirmation of anyone even picking a package up, so if you have, let us know! The next pick up will be Wednesday in Dallas from 1pm-3pm, so be on the lookout for the exact address. We probably won’t know until that morning unless someone goes to the gas stations Soren Ulfert posted about on his blog. His latest post tells you what time to go to the gas stations for the last (hopefully) two drop locations, so see if you can get there so we have a little more heads up. Now on with the news.

First, the Institute for Human Continuity must really want Soren, because they’ve basically got an APB out for him. The organization has asked followers on Twitter and their homepage to call them at 888-363-2012 if they see Dr. Ulfert, claiming they need to serve him a lawsuit for libel and breach of contract. Nice excuse. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the IHC is ready to take calls on the matter, as the automated messaging system doesn’t have any new options.


In other news, Charlie Frost is taking our job by basically summing up what I just told you. We also have had a user by the name of “safehaven2012” (remember than ARC password?) tell us that “Farewell knows more than he’s letting on”. He’s posted on one of our articles and even on Unfiction. This could mean nothing, as many people like playing games and throwing everyone off, but it is interesting. Could this be an official source trying to help us out? If so, who is “Farewell”? The word is half of character Jackson Curtis’ book title “Farewell Atlantis”, but I haven’t seen any reference in any of the viral to person named Farewell (which would be a weird name to have). Again, it could be nothing, but we’ll keep an eye out.

Is it just me, or is Sony REALLY trying to make sure you understand what’s going on? You have Charlie consistantly updating us from an in-world perspective. You have Sony’s official guide summing up everything, and you even have Mr. Corruption Theory posting the results of the drop locations (albeit with a delay). Could this viral be TOO complicated? We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m sure we’ll break it down in our post-release viral review.

Lastly, for those who care, Sony Pictures has officially released the video for Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles”. The song is featured in 2012, and the video has footage from the film itself. Check it below or at the 2012 website.

2012 is in theaters November 13th and you can discuss these updates to the viral in the comments below, or on our forum. Also check out the MovieViral 2012 page for more info on the film and its viral campaign.

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