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2012: The Package

UPDATE: That was quick. Almost as soon as I posted this, Charlie Frost updated his blog again to let us know that Professor Meyer is dead. He was apparently on a fishing trip, which is ironic given his last update. Looks like when the IHC wants to shut someone up, they know how. I wouldn’t be surprised if Soren is next.

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Thanks to our buddy Charlie Frost, we now have the contents of the package Professor Meyers (aka the Theorist from Corruption Theory) sent out to to various players of the 2012 viral. We know he was going to do something, given his last blog post implying it was time to take action. Here’s Frost talking about the package he got:

Charlie’s post also has said map and some schematics that are interesting. There’s one of a countdown clock (to 12/21/12 perhaps?), and another of some “glass board” that can at the very least show a map of the world, though it’s function is not yet known. Below is the China map. Click on the image view full size.

It’s unclear what the map is actually for, and all the math equations and drawings don’t help much. Can you make anything out of it? Let us know!

2012 opens nationwide November 13th. You can discuss these updates to the viral in the comments below, or on our forum. Also check out the MovieViral 2012 page for more info on the film and its viral campaign.
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