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Avatar: New Ad and Interview with Colonel Quaritch

Thanks to one our readers, we have found the YouTube channel for the Coke Zero Avatar tie-in that seems to be the source behind the viral so far.

Alex reported on a while ago, which is also connected with Coke Zero. Other than the occasional update not much has been done with the site. We also talked about the lack of activity in our lastViralcast.

Well, the trickle of information has started again in the form of 2 videos from the aforementioned YouTube channel, the first being an Ad for the tie-in with the suggestion of a possible webcam hologram using special cans, and a second more interesting video featuring an interview with Stephen Lang, the actor who plays Colonel Quaritch. Check out the Coke Zero ad:

In the interview we are treated to some new un-seen footage as well as a voice over from the actor himself, offering an insight into the movie. As we figured out from the 2nd theatrical trailer, the trailer revolves around Jake Scully and his wavering allegiance to the human presence on the planet Pandora. Colonel Quadrich seems to be a great character and reminds me of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. It looks like Stephan has really made the role his own and looks like the character will be one of the more memorable ones. Check out the video yourself:

With less than a month to go, it looks like the Avatar advertising campaign is picking up speed as fast as a juggernaut with no brakes, and it needs to. This film looks likely to have the biggest budget of all time, and needs to be a huge success. Has anyone seen these cans? Do they exist? It would be a pretty cool tie in! Let us know below if you spot them or in the forums.

James Cameron’s Avatar opens worldwide December 18th in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. For more information on the film and its viral campaign, check out our Avatar Page.
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