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District 9 Fan Fiction From Our Own Forum Member

As some of our readers know, our forum has been a great outlet for our members to express themselves through fan fiction. One of our members, Kris, has taken that to the next level by actually using the MNU Spreads Lies Facebook page as an outlet for his role playing group, and the response has been tremendous. Check out our forum or the work’s homepage to read it. Here is the author’s description:

To Treachery and Back: A Blue Prawn’s Dead Memory is a work of fanfiction unlike most fanfiction. Dead Memory is is part of the MNU Spreads Lies RP, a facbook group that was originally meant to be a viral marketing page but got taken over by devoted fans and is now a group of roleplayers continuing the storyline of District 9 independently. This story is one of those stories, carefully constructed to be canon to both the viral marketing and film with the collaboration of members from that group.

It follows the tale of a blue poleepkwa’s memory around his death in the final scene of District 9, and came back more than a month later. This mystery and other events that happened during, before, and after is being explained through the logging of his memories before death, hence the name “Dead Memory” as its nickname. His purpose for doing all of this is to find out if redemption is possible for what he did, and so other people can understand why he is so conflicted with himself inside his personality. Filled with action, drama, gore, sensuality, romance, it is a fanfiction for mature audiences only. Being almost 1 year in the making, this fanfiction solves mysteries through his influence on the movie itself.

Check out the impressive trailer Kris made as well:

District 9 is available on DVD, Two-Disc DVD, Blu-ray, and UMD for PSP on December 22nd.
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