LOST 6×10 “The Package” Recap and Review

Tonight was the 10th episode of the final season of ABC’s LOST, titled “The Package”. With only six more episodes after this, the answers have got to be coming, right? Well, not so fast. In this episode, we do find out how Jin got in that freezer in the flash sideways, as well as what Widmore’s people were guarding in the sub. Get the full recap after the break.

Let’s start with the flash-sideways, as that is a more clear-cut storyline. We pick up where we left off in the season premiere, with customs confiscating the $25,000 Jin had. This is a problem, because although they let Jin and Sun go, he needed to give both that money and a watch to someone, and not only is he out the money, he didn’t make the meeting. We find out Jin and Sun are not married, but they are still involved. The next morning, Sun tells Jin her plan was to run away together, and she has an account they can start with. Before Jin can protest, someone is at the door. Sun answers, and it’s Martin Keamy, the mercenary from the main timeline, and the loan shark Sayid’s brother was indebted to in the flash-sideways. The money and watch were for him, so after finding Jin (who’s only supposed to be Sun’s bodyguard, not lover), Keamy makes a deal. He’ll take Jin to the restaurant they were going meet at while Mikhail Bakunin, an associate of Keamy in this timeline and an Other in the original timeline, takes Sun to the bank to take her money. However, at the bank, we find out Sun’s father closed her account. Keamy ties up Jin in the freezer and tells him (though he can’t understand English) that the money was actually to kill Jin, because Sun’s father knew about their affair. However, as we saw in “Sundown”, Sayid kills Keamy and Omar. He then helps Jin to free himself. When Mikhail brings Sun back to the restaurant, Jin and him fight until Jin finally shoots Mikhail. Unfortunately, Sun is shot in the process, and she reveals she’s pregnant.

Back on the Island, Locke tells Jin he’s going to find Sun, because all the names on the cave wall that aren’t crossed off have to leave with him. Jin doesn’t trust Locke, so he’s going to find her himself. Unfortunately, Widmore’s people tranq everyone before he can go, and they kidnap him. Back at the beach camp, Ilana tells everyone they have to wait for Richard to return, but Sun doesn’t want to wait. She goes out to her old garden, where Locke finds her. He tells her he can reunite her with Jin, but she doesn’t trust him and runs away, eventually hitting her head on a tree. Ben finds her, wakes her up, but she can’t speak English. She can understand, but is very frustrated, as evident when Richard returns to tell everyone they all need to go to the Hydra Island and destroy the plane so Locke can’t leave. She doesn’t want to go, but Jack eventually convinces her to go so they can find Jin and find away off the island.

Locke returns to his camp to find everyone out cold. He recruits Sayid to go to Hydra Island with him to find Jin. However, when Locke goes over to the Island, he’s alone. There are pillions all across the beach as a barrier for the smoke monster, just as they were for the Others camp. Widmore tells Locke they don’t have Jin, and Locke declares war. Jin is being kept in Room 23, the subliminal message testing room first seen in Season 3. Zoe, who we find out is a geophysicist, asks Jin about a map made in the 1970s. It shows pockets of electromagnetic activity and it’s signed by Jin. Jin only wants to talk to Widmore, and when he does, Widmore gives him Sun’s camera that has Jin’s child on it. Widmore tells Jin that if they let Locke leaves, everyone they love will cease to exist. There’s a package that supposed to help. Sayid has been hiding underwater, and when he comes up to the submarine, he sees the package. It’s Desmond Hume.

While last week’s episode was probably the best ever in the series, this one was pretty crafty as well. We saw a lot of twists and turns with the Sayid and Jin flash-sideways intermingling, as well as the beginnings of the Widmore/Locke showdown. Some interesting things I noticed included Sayid’s general nature. As he says early in the episode, he feels nothing, and that seems to be just what Locke wants. Sayid is shaping up to be Locke’s errand boy. Also, Locke doesn’t know which Kwon is one of the candidates, suggesting he was never really privy to the list. He also mentions he can’t fly over the water as the smoke monster, which may be important. The scene with Locke and Claire makes me wonder what he really wants for Claire. Locke inferred to Kate in an earlier episode that Claire shouldn’t be around Aaron, but in this episode, he seems open to Claire killing Kate to get Aaron back (though it’s unnecessary). It seems like he’s just playing everyone like Ben used to do.

Sun not being able to speak seemed a bit silly to me, though I get that it’s a nice parallel to the flash-sideways. Hopefully this goes away, as I can’t see it being important later on. However, Jack’s final scene with Jin really showed us that old Leader Jack we’ve been missing. I honestly think he’s going to be the one that stays to protect the Island.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did I miss anything interesting or important? Let me know in the comments below. Check back for next week’s recap, and see early recaps below.

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