Tron Legacy: Space Paranoids “Soon To Be Released Online” Encom Says

Earlier this evening at the Encom International press conference it was announced that Space Paranoids, one of their most popular games, will be released online. And during the conference, as planned, the Flynn Lives “rebels” disrupted the press conference protesting that Encom gave up on finding Kevin Flynn – something  Alan Bradley is “too nice and too polite not to say.” That wasn’t all, we’ve got all the details after the jump.

Encom – specifically Alan Bradley – announced Space Paranoids will be released online and will include 15 new levels that Kevin Flynn designed himself. Bradley talked a little about the legacy of Kevin Flynn and his impact on the world we live in today. After Bradley’s speech the press conference “experienced difficulties” and was halted, only to be taken over by Flynn Lives supporters chanting “Flynn Lives! Flynn Lives! Flynn Lives!” A brief speech was made by one of the Flynn Lives people about Encom’s lack of interest in finding Kevin Flynn.

Probably the most exciting part of the event was when an Encom neon helicopter took off from behind stage and circled around the stage area twice. It went out of focus and reappeared overhead – a man wearing a neon Tron suit with a neon parachute Sam Flynn jumped out of the helicopter and landed behind the stage. Yes. That actually happened. One thing is for sure – 42 Entertainment knows how to put together an event.

Video of the event:
Video of Sam Flynn jumping out of the helicopter:

We’ll let you know when Space Paranoids goes online. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this whole event.

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