Stark Expo Gives New Viral Page

Not only does Tony Stark have a suit that helps him fly and kick ass, but it also helps you overcome challenges in everyday life! The HazTech Exoskeleton from AccuTech will allow you to improve your strength, whether it be to get out of your car without pain, or smash a brick into pieces!

AccuTech is a subsidiary of Stark Industries that helps the common person achieve such great feats as Mr. Tony Stark himself. After all, war is no longer needed in the eyes of Tony, so why not make America a place where man and woman can stand together and have nothing hold them back. Although granted, if war continues, these exoskeletons will rue the world!

Take a look at their stance in technology and a better way of living.

Act now, and you too can smash into the ground without harm!

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Source: SlashFilm
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