Space Paranoids Online is Live!

As the Encom International website promised, the countdown for Space Paranoids Online is over, and you can now play the classic game online. This latest update to the Tron Legacy viral campaign adds another dimension to the already complex journey.

The game itself (playable at, is rather simple. It’s just like the original version featured in 1982’s Tron, and has the classic computer graphics we’ve come to know and love. In the game, you maneuver your tank around a labyrinth shooting down other tanks and Recognizers. It may not be complicated, but it’s more fun than Farmville.

I’ve only played four levels, or “Sectors”, so far, but I don’t see any hidden easter eggs or anything, outside of Flynn having all the top scores. Try it for yourself and let us know what you find! We’ll update this article if anyone sees anything of note.

For more info on Tron Legacy and its viral campaign, go to our Tron Legacy Viral Page.

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