Tron Legacy: Access to Kevin Flynn’s Work Server Reveals High-Res Images and Animations

I figured that the online release of Space Paranoids was for a reason. Now we know what its purpose is in the Tron Legacy viral campaign. Thanks to some new posts on the Flynn Lives forum, and the work of Unfiction members playing the game, we have access to one of Kevin Flynn’s old work servers. See what’s on it after the break.

The Flynn Lives forum got a few new threads today (though some are backdated within the last week, they didn’t actually appear until today). Two of the threads are innocuous, with one just asking how much does Alan Bradley really care about Flynn, and the other talking about the Space Paranoids Online game being released. However, in one thread, Zack (a leader of the group) says he’s not going to make anymore Encom badges. The other thread has member “ISOlatedThinker” revealing that he actually used to work at Encom International with Kevin Flynn. He was given the boot after asking too many questions about Flynn’s disappearance, but he “managed to sneak out with one of KF’s old work servers”. Though he has the link to the page for the server, titled Hello Flynn, he doesn’t have the appropriate codes to actually search through it. That’s where the game comes in.

If you look around the various sectors of Space Paranoids, you’ll notice that there are walls with barcodes in each level. The barcodes turn about to be numbers that can be entered into “File Code” field on Flynn’s server. Entry gives you access to 15 different high res images and flash animations (they show up on the desktop, but there’s a link to download them). Below, courtesy of Wikibruce, are all of the codes and download links for you cheaters out there.

7FQ000MD84PM (desc of X7G*)
L66NXN0281ZX (desc of 7FQ*)
799904778091 (lvl 1)
100371028938 (lvl 2)
410293467815 (lvl 3)
011237800912 (lvl 4)
626389027515 (lvl 5)
888822039114 (lvl 6)
151515490289 (lvl 7)
727890719279 (lvl 8 )
337189980152 (lvl 9)
290340190282 (lvl 10)
840148990104 (lvl 11)
531009182201 (lvl 12)
900423917780 (lvl 13)
479881022294 (lvl 14)
587349100092 (lvl 15)

It looks like these are mostly computer-generated sketches and early concept art from Flynn himself, ranging from simple to very detailed. It reminds me a lot of the images we got during the 2012 viral campaign with the dead drops. Most of the files have Kevin Flynn’s notes as well, and you can read them all in user JamiroFan2000’s post at Unfiction.

While the new artwork (some of which you can see below) is cool, I was surprised how fast this whole thing was solved. We’ll keep a look out to see if anything more comes of the Space Paranoids game and Kevin’s server. Until then, have fun playing the game! For more info on the film and its viral campaign, go to our Tron Legacy Viral Page.

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