Scariest Thing I Ever Saw: “Super 8” Viral Campaign Launched

A few days ago, it was announced that a new mysterious project from J.J. Abrams called Super 8 was debuting its teaser trailer in front of Marvel Studio’s Iron Man 2. Originally speculated to be a prequel or sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield, the news hit the internet by storm and got everyone to question what this new project was about. At first it was rumored to be a Cloverfield prequel and was set to take place in the 70s or 80’s revolving around kids that find an alien in a frame of their 8mm camera, hinted by the name Super 8, but this was soon debunked and the trailer was leaked onto the internet. You can watch the leaked trailer again and see the viral website after the jump.

I sadly enough didn’t get to see the trailer in front of Iron Man 2, but luckily the bootlegged version made it’s way online, which I caved in and had to watch (and you can to right above). I was pretty impressed with the trailer, and it totally gave me the feel of the Cloverfield teaser that debuted in front of Transformers back in 2007. It’s also a sigh of relief for me that this isn’t Cloverfield 2, as all Hollywood does these days is make remakes and sequels. Super 8 is a movie that reflects back to the better times of cinema, an homage to Super 8 producer Steven Spielberg and sci-fi movies in general.

The teaser itself felt like Close Encounters of The Third Kind mixed with Alien. Earlier today, the Official website for Super 8 popped up online, and like the original website that kicked off the Cloverfield viral campaign, it is simple and very mysterious. Thanks to Super 8 News and their detective work with the people over at the Unfiction boards, they soon discovered the website titled Scariest Thing ieversaw. On the site is a PDP-11 computer, made back in the 70s, and while it’s not scary, it looks to be very interactive.

I recommend you check out Super 8 News‘s awesome look into this new viral website, in which they break down how they found it and what their investigation of the site found.

The site has only just launched, and the long and dreadful task of waiting begins. Be sure to keep an eye on Super 8 as it develops! Once most of the analysis comes in, we’ll break down the viral site more to see what we can gleam from it.
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