LOST: Dude Video and Massive Prop Auction

ABC’s LOST is gearing up for its series finale in less than two weeks, so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising to find out they are auctioning off almost 100 different props from the hit show. Find out more, and see a compilation of all the times Hugo says “Dude” on the show, after the break.

Profiles in History, a Los Angeles based auctioneer specializing in Hollywood memorabilia, will be holding their LOST auction this summer, though the exact time and location are not set. You can check out their preview to see photos and descriptions of all the items going on sale, which include character passports, wardrobe, and almost every prop you can remember being used. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sampling.

Also, all of us Losties know how Hugo loves to use the word “Dude”, so someone decides to make a compilation just to show how prevalent it is in the show. Take a look.

So, dude, which of the many props would you like to own? Don’t forget that our recap and review for next week’s episode “What They Died For” will be posted Tuesday night.

Sources: TMZ and Film School Rejects
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