Viral Video: Chris Klein Auditions for Mamma Mia

There’s a video that has been on the Internet for only a day and is already spreading like wildfire. In what looks to be real leaked footage, actor Chris Klein (American Pie) auditions for a role in the 2008 musical Mamma Mia, which stars Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep. Usually such a video wouldn’t go noticed, but you’ll understand why it has after you hear him sing. Check it out after the break.

While the video is on Funny or Die and College Humor, it doesn’t look to be a parody made by either group or Klein himself. Also, NBC Universal (the company behind the film) pulled the only version I could find on YouTube for copyright infringement, further suggesting its authenticity. While it’s a good thing Klein didn’t get the part (presumably of Sky, played by Dominic Cooper), I’m not sure how Pierce Brosnan got through with similar lack of singing skills.

If this somehow is a spoof or something, Klein could really use it given his dearth of significant roles in recent years. I hope it is fake, because I feel bad for him, even though the smarmy attitude and random Mandy Moore compliment kind of creeped me out.

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