Follow Up: Details on the Mortal Kombat Short

On Tuesday we brought you a short film titled Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. As suspected, the short was proof-of-concept for a gritty ‘R’ rated version of a feature film for the video game franchise. The video was directed by Fame director Kevin Tancharoen (surprising, right?), and thanks to Collider’s interview with him, we’ve got some more great details on the short.

Tancharoen is a huge Mortal Kombat fan, and he used this as a calling card to show that he could make a genre film. You may recognize a few of the main cast, including Michael Jai White (Spawn) as Jax and Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) as Sonya Blade. According to Tancharoen, they shot the short in April on two RED cameras for $7,500. The actors and crew donated their time, and at least White would be back for the feature film. For a lot more on the short, as well as the potential feature, listen to Collider’s interview below, or read it in full on their website.

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