Arcade Fire’s Clever Music Video

It’s been over three years since Arcade Fire‘s last album “Neon Bible” came out. Before “Neon Bible,” “Funeral” came out with the single Wake Up on it. Wake Up is best known as the song in the trailers for Spike Jones’ Where The Wild Things Are. Arcade Fire is one of the biggest and best indie bands in the world, and for good reason: They have yet to put out a bad album. So naturally, I’m a massive fan of them.

One may ask, “what does Arcade Fire have to do with a movie, or a viral?”. Well, it’s kind of funny because other than them collaborating on a short film, that’s about it. Until recently, that is. With Arcade Fire’s third album “The Suburbs” making it to the #1 spot on the billboards, film maker Chris Milk has made an interactive music video for a single off “The Suburbs” called We Used To Wait. The Wilderness Downtown is a Google Experiment, which uses HTML5 and stuff I’m not even going to try to explain/understand.

Suggested for Google Chrome users, The Wilderness Downtown is a pretty unique little music video. At first it asks you to type in the address of the house you grew up in. Do that and the video loads. You’ll have to watch the video for yourself, because it’s just too awesome to explain.

Check out The Wilderness Downtown music video.

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