It Starts With The Flu, It Ends With…

One of the sites we’ve followed, yet never mentioned (until a week ago) is an odd site known as “It Starts With The Flu“. A site utilizing the all too familiar countdown method, with a date that ends, today. So, if you haven’t already figured out what happens at the end of the timer, and you are ready to face the truth, then look no further than MovieViral. Keep reading for the end!

NOTHING! What the @#$%!!!! You put up a timer site, you grab recognition, and you fail to commit? Congrats on nothing but a reverse timer. I’m not really sure what this was going to accomplish, and I’ve reached out to site owner for some input, so we shall see what happens. I’m guessing the same as the countdown. NOTHING!!

As a site that loves this type of material, I am disappointed. You should be ashamed of yourself! ASHAMED! Stay tuned to MovieViral for any input the owner of this site wishes to give, which many have tried, and many are ignored. Maybe the negative timer means we all get better?

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