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Disney Releases 3 New “Tangled” Viral Videos

For almost a year, there was no activity on Tangled. Now Disney is releasing at least one new video a day, and yesterday they released three. See breaking news and informercials after the jump.

A high speed chase through the woods is taking place, and we have a live feed of it from….helicopters?!

Are you looking for an invention that is both non-lethal and effective, but also want to cook with it? We have the perfect tool for you, by Tangledware (not a real company).

And are you looking for an isolated place to stay, in the middle of nowhere? Well, if you’re looking for said place, make an appointment.

There’s something new everyday, so keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout. I’ll be reviewing the campaign and more in my review of Tangled coming soon.

Tangled opens everywhere in theaters November 23rd in 3D.
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