Viral Bits: Real “Inception”, Clever “Law & Order: UK” Ad, Fan Made “Source Code” Poster, and More!

Sometimes we get viral news that’s just too small and too much to divide into individual posts. This is one of those times. So, sit back and relax as we give you Viral Bits ranging from fan viral videos to how to perform a real life Inception.

Lifehacker has a pretty detailed article about how you can actually plant ideas into people’s minds. While it’s not quite like Inception, with the going into dreams and stuff, it can be pretty effective.

Universal’s alien comedy Paul has released a behind the scenes clip that shows us a little of the major reconstruction of San Diego Comic-Con that plays a role in the film. At last year’s convention, the crew told us they couldn’t film at the real SDCC because it would have been too crazy. [via io9]

In more official video news, BBC America has released a 3 minute commercial for Law & Order: UK that attempts to satirically introduce the show to an American audience. This is actually rather clever. [via /Film]

Did you know that the name Michael is said 114 times in the classic vampire film The Lost Boys? Dan Nixon did, so he made a video mash-up to show us them all. [via /Film]

Every Line of Dialogue in The Lost Boys is “Michael” from Dan Nixon on Vimeo.

Lloyd Sta has a great collection of fan made movie posters, and his latest for Source Code was actually re-tweeted by director Duncan Jones.

Lastly, we have kind of a weird fan video that has seen some life on Reddit. It takes the audio from the emotional scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams tells Matt Damon that “It’s not your fault”, and combines it with footage from Wall-E. Check it out below.

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