Password Found For New “Apollo 18” Images!

It was just a few days ago that we posted about a couple of new images that had shown up on the Apollo 18 viral site, and the fact that usual password was no longer in use, so the hunt was on. Well thanks to a recent tweet from the film, one of MovieViral’s followers has figured out the code, and the images are here for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading to check them out.

I will have to say that while the images were labeled as gif’s, there is to be no animation involved, and they are straight images, yet could they house more than they show? It’s always possible, and I’m sure if there is, one of you will find it quick. Thanks to forum member unrealtrip, and the following tweet from @apollo18movie, we now have the password of “VBG”:

Watch a Behemoth Blast Off Today From Vandenberg Air Force Base (VBG)! #Apollo18movie

Take a look at a couple of pages discussing what looks to be about possible forms of communication.

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