Get a Free Early Screening To “Paul” If Your Name is Paul (and you live in the UK)

Those Brits across the pond already have it good by getting to see Universal’s alien comedy Paul a full month before theaters get it in the States. Now HeyUGuys blog has a contest where Britons can see it even earlier if their name is Paul. Get the details after the break.

An alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan) has been living at Area 51 for the past 60 years when he escapes and meets up with two nerds (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) travelling to the top secret base. The film is released stateside on March 18th, but in the UK, it is out February 14th.

The contest lets select people with the name Paul or a variation (like Paula) go to a screening on February 8th in London. This is a pretty cool idea, so if you are in the area and meet the criteria, check out the details below, and go to HeyUGuys for terms and conditions.

It’s Paul or nothing:

If either you, or your guest, has the name Paul (it can be a variation such as Paula or a middle/last name) then all you need to do is:

Use Twibbon to paste an image of Paul over your Facebook and Twitter pictures. How many of your friends can you convince to add Paul to theirs too? Can you make a wall of Paul?

Or simply switch your Facebook profile picture to the alien Paul (like the one above). Email a screen grab of your facebook or Twitter page with Paul in the profile picture to

We have 10 pairs (20 seats) to give away and you will be picked at random as long as you or your guest can prove ‘Paul’ is part of your name.

Join the official Facebook page for more information on the film.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool has tickets too, so enter there as well to double your chances.

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