Could Recent Jerusalem UFO Videos Be Viral For “Battle: Los Angeles”?

The blogosphere has been aflutter in the past day or so over some video clips of UFOs hovering over Jerusalem. The legitimacy of the clips, supposedly taken over this past weekend, has caused some controversy online. Skeptics have torn the videos apart bit by bit, but nothing is certain. Now, however, we have an interesting theory as to the source and purpose of the videos.

The clips supposedly were shot this weekend, and they show a glowing ball descend from the sky and hover over Dome of the Rock. What the object could be is limited as this is restricted air space. Watch the videos below (via AOL News) to see for yourself.

The critiques from skeptics range from the audio sounding like it was edited in, to at least one clip just being a manipulated photograph. One theory I’ve gotten emailed about is that this was made by the marketing people behind Sony’s Battle: Los Angeles as part of the viral marketing campaign. While the W.A.T.C.H. Facebook page did pick up on the story, I doubt Sony is behind this. What do you think?

Thanks to Cameron M. for the heads up!

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