Super 8 Updates: More Trailer Photos and E-mailed Certificates

Last week we told you that the online version of the Super 8 trailer was being updated regularly (more or less daily) with new images hidden in the final shot of the Super 8 camera lens. The images fit together like a puzzle, so see how the puzzle looks so far after the break. Also, we have an update from Rocket Poppeteers.

The composite image below is courtesy of Super 8 News, who also have a great Photoshop file that lets you move the images around (though it hasn’t been updated since the weekend), which is is fully up to date as of Tuesday morning. We are starting to see a few full pictures come together that might be from the film itself.

As you can see, all the full pictures are combinations of 2 or 4 lens images. the three dots in a triangle, which we’ve seen cryptically in many places, mark the middle of where the images come together. I suspect that some of these are production photos from the film that we may actually see in full quality at some point. Others may be clues to the viral like the date and bulletin board. Also, fedora guy is a lot less interesting now that he looks like a young Corey Haim.

With a combination of photos from the train, what looks like a laboratory, and more, we can only guess how these all come together. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

In other Super 8 ARG news, Rocket Poppeteers has sent out emails to its cadets, linking to a slightly different copy of the certificate they mailed out in December. The certificates still say that you are accepted into “Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut Training Program”, though there are some slight differences. Here is the link to my copy. The reason for the redundancy is not 100% clear, but it may be because some who applied haven’t received their physical copy yet (supply issues or mailing problems could be to blame).

Super 8 is the latest film from director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, set to be released by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot on June 10th. For more information on the film and viral campaign, check out our Super 8 Viral Page.

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