Exclusive “Super 8” TV Spots Sweep the Web, Monster Revealed?

Yesterday evening /Film and FEARnet both debuted exclusive new TV spots for Super 8, just hours after another TV Spot had debuted on Yahoo. The new 30 second ads feature several new shots, including some that seem to actual reveal the monster at the center of the story. See for yourself after the break.

The monster attacks a grocery store at the 0:14 mark in /Film’s spot, and when you look at each frame, what looks to be a tentacle can be made out. Below is a screen capture I was able to get that shows the “tentacle” in the upper left hand corner of the frame.

The FEARnet commercial actually seems to show more of the monster, both at the grocery store and behind someone with a construction hat. Unfortunately, as you can tell, the quality on that video is much lower, so we can’t make much of anything out.

Both videos featured the monster’s roar pretty strongly, which reminded me a lot of J.J. Abrams’ other monster movie Cloverfield. Let us know if you found anything else of note in the new TV spots in the commments below. If more of these 30 second ads are revealed, we’ll be sure to update you.

Super 8 is a sci-fi adventure from writer/director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg. Something breaks out of a crashed train car in the small town of Littleton, Ohio in 1979 and wreaks havoc. Check out our Super 8 Hub to get details on the film and its viral campaign. Super 8 opens in IMAX on June 10th.


The Super 8 Facebook page has a new teaser that shows the water tower being consumed by something black.

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