Check Out SNL’s Live Action “Ambiguously Gay Duo”

The Ambiguously Gay Duo animated shorts have been a staple on NBC’s Saturday Night Live since it came over from The Dana Carvey Show in 1996. The series follows Ace (voiced by Stephen Colbert) and Gary (voiced by Steve Carell), a superhero team that might be gay, which ends up helping to distract the villains they face. Last night, SNL brought back the short, but with a twist: a special gun turns everything into live action. Take a look after the break.

The short has several cameos, including Jon Hamm as Ace and Jimmy Fallon as Gary. Bighead is portrayed by Carell, Colbert plays the villain he voices, Dr. Brainio, and host Ed Helms is a Two-Face-like villain. I wouldn’t be surprised to see SNL and executive producer Lorne Michaels try to make a live action movie based on this skit, and I imagine it would look something like this. Let us know what you think about seeing Ace and Gary in flesh and blood in the comments below.
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