New Super 8 Editing Room Clips Reveal Spacecraft and More On Alien

The Super 8 Editing Room now has a lot more clips thanks in part to the new Development Room. We finally get to see some of the spacecraft the alien came on, as well as a clue as to how those cubes fit into this whole thing. Get all the details and see the new clips after the break.

In the Paramount film Super 8, an alien breaks out of a train that is transporting it from Area 51 to a military base in Ohio. The film takes place in 1979, but one part of the extensive viral campaign is this editing room, which is slowly piecing together a film reel that shows experiments on the alien and its technology ranging from at least 1958 to 1962. The black and white documentary has already shown scientists testing white cubic objects, though what they were, or how they related to the alien were unknown. Recent clips have also talked about the alien itself, showing its cage and saying how it prefers a subterranean dwelling.

The new clips finally show parts of the alien space craft, and we learn that the hunk of meat we see Dr. Woodward pushing on a cart is actually food for the creature. Also, we find out a bit more about how the government got hold of the alien. The narrator mentions that they were afraid it didn’t survive the nuclear blast, but it actually went into some kind of hibernation. There is also video and narration about how something, most likely the spacecraft, broke up into extremely durable “component cube parts” after a barrage of testing. It sounds like the cubes are the spacecraft itself, but the video seems to still show part of the spacecraft, though the footage is black and white and grainy, so it’s hard to tell. Take a look at the newest clips yourself and let us know what you think (be sure to see them in context at the Editing Room to get the full picture).

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