“Cars 2” Roundtable: Eddie Izzard and Owen Wilson Talk Experiences in the Sound Booth

From London, to Paris, to Tokyo, and beyond, Cars 2 raced into theaters this Friday, providing Pixar fans with the same sparkle, comedy, and tones that fans they are familiar with for the past 16 years. Owen Wilson returns to voice Lighting McQueen, the hotheaded arrogant racecar who thought that it was all about being number one. But he isn’t alone. The actor is joined by Eddie Izzard, a British comedian, who’s standup isn’t that well-known for the target younger audience, but his voice might resonant with them. The two spoke about their own experiences with voicing characters as opposed to just acting them out. Wilson talks about the joys about returning to voice a character he loves and that his own son would recognize him as an animated figure. He also added that he would not be in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Hit the jump to hear the entire roundtable.

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