Viral Video Round Up: My Idiot Brother, Jennifer Aniston Naked, Twilight, Spike Jonze, And More!

The Internet is full of videos related to movies, whether they be fan made, studio made, or somewhere in between. We regularly bring you the best, most interesting, or just plain weirdest, and today we do it again. Check out the latest viral videos after the break.

Paul Rudd pitches hilarious My Idiot Brother promotional ideas to Harvey Weinstein.

Puss in Boots introduces his new line of pants in this- wait… is it pants or no pants? I’m so lost right now.

PittsburghMovies has spy video of the alleged Batcopter from The Dark Knight Rises.

YouTuber Benny2700 shows us what The Office would look like if it were produced in the 80’s.

While it may not be movie news, I would like to take this time to applaud Ben Stiller for his creativity in the naming of his new foundation.

Full House alumni John Stamos and Bob Saget teaches us how to cuddle in this new video from College Humor.


Kanye West and Jay-Z just released the new, Spike Jonze-directed music video for Otis.

Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, and Joe Lo Truglio unleash a dance number from Paul: The Musical.

YouTube comedian KalebNation announces the new online experience, Twimore, on behalf of Stephenie Meyer.

George Lucas has really gone off the deep end…

Debuting Tuesday on both Playstation 3 and X-Box 360 is Mortal Kombat 9, where Freddy Krueger’s a new, downloadable character.

Another week bites the dust. See ya in 7 days.

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