Steven Spielberg Hires Unofficial “The Adventures of Tintin” Opening Sequence Animator

A opening title sequence says a lot about a film, besides telling you who directed, edited, stars in etc, the opening title sequences basically sets the tone for the film. From the lighting, camera panning, and music, you will understand the context of what you will see for the next hour and a half. But there are fans of the material who create their own opening titles either for their own enjoyment. James Curran just happens to be one of those fans, and not only has his opening title sequence gone viral but it was seen by The Adventures of Tintin director Steven Spielberg, who invited him to the premiere and gave him a job as well. Hit the jump to see the video.

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

Edgar Wright, screenplay writer for the Tintin adaption, first broke the news on his twitter account (via slashfilm),

So @slimjimstudios does unofficial #Tintin titles, Spielberg sees ‘em, give him invite to prem & job on next movie…

It is still unclear what Curran will be working on, but some of Spielberg’s films currently under production are Robopocalypse and Lincoln, so that could be a possibility.

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