“Legends of Alcatraz” Viral Event TONIGHT

On Monday we gave you an update on the viral campaign for the FOX television series Alcatraz. The clues led us to believe there would be an event today on the infamous island itself, and we were right! IT BEGINS after the break.

The Legends of Alcatraz website, which has been the hub for the campaign, has been updated with an invitation (shown below) for the first 302 volunteers that show up to Pier 33 in San Francisco, CA tonight at 6PM. The invitation gives these people exclusive night-time access to the island to look for clues to the solve the mysteries presented in the show. Jorge Garcia’s character Dr. Soto is mentioned, but it is unclear if he will be there himself. Either way, this is a really cool event that I would love to go to if I were in the area.

If you go to the event or are at least in the area, hit us up on Twitter or email me. We’d love any information you can get. It’s interesting (possibly ironic?) that this comes on the heels of news that fans of the show are breaking into closed areas of the prison on Alcatraz Island.

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