Fans Send FOX Plastic Dinosaurs To Get “Terra Nova” To Return For Second Season

Let’s cut to the chase. The FOX television series Terra Nova, which debuted last September with a 13 episode season, is expensive to produce. Each episode costs about $500,000 more than a regular one hour drama, so the show really needed some good ratings to be brought back for a second season. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen, so the show is in jeopardy. Now star Jason O’Mara has an idea for fans to show their support for the prehistoric show. Find out what it is after the break.

The series, which counts Steven Spielberg as one of its executive producers, is about a family from the dystopian future of the year 2149 who join a colony of people who have gone back in time 85 million years to the Cretaceous Period. However, some people from 2149 aren’t looking to create a new civilization in this natural paradise, they just want to pilfer it for resources.

O’Mara plays Jim Shannon, father of the family and sheriff to the Colony. The actor took to Twitter to get fans to send in plastic toy dinosaurs to FOX Broadcasting if they want to see the show come back for a second season. He even tweeted out an Amazon link for those who can’t find any in their local stores. He posted where you can send the dinosaurs on his Facebook page.

If you want to address your package of little plastic dinosaurs to somebody at Fox, send them to president of the network. He’s a good guy so keep it friendly please.

Mr Kevin Reilly, Fox Broadcasting Co, PO BOX 900, Beverly Hills, CA 902130.

You can also support the cause by using the Twitter hashtag #saveterranova. I’ve seen a few “Save Terra Nova” Twitter accounts, but none have that much of a following. Instead, I suggest following the show itself on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve seen these kind of fan initiatives before with shows like Firefly, Jericho, and Flash Forward. Unfortunately, they rarely work, and even when they do, the show still doesn’t last very long.

While Terra Nova wasn’t perfect, I enjoyed it a lot. It was one of the few shows in the Fall that I actually kept up with. I hope to see a second season. What about you?

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