‘The Europa Report’ Viral is Launched Along With A Photo

Now that we have our first look at Sharlto Copley from his newest film The Europa Report (thanks to ComingSoon), we also have what appears to be the first viral site for said film. While most sites are accidentally found, or found by using a great eye and a lot of work, this one was left out like a pie on a window sill by Sharlto himself, via his Facebook page. Keep reading for more.

Welcome to Europa Ventures: THE WORLD’S LEADER IN AEROSPACE AND EXPLORATION! A site that at first look is straight out of the likes of Alien, provides what appears to be a video stream of the astronauts in a space station that is named EUROPA 1. Glimpses of Sharlto can be seen as well throughout.

With each click of the links at the top of the site, you are sent to a login page, so we will keep you posted on anything that we (or you) find, and of course, to add a little suspense, the feed is cut at the end.

And here is the above mentioned image of Sharlto Copley from ComingSoon:

Keep checking back here for updates on this movie, as well as hopeful updates to the Sharlto’s other film (with viral), Elysium.

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