Trailers Weekly: “21 Jump Street”, “Cabin in the Woods”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecing”, “Fat Kid Rules the World”, “On the Road”

Trailers Weekly is a feature in which we bring you the most popular and talked about trailers of the week. Sharing trailers is a classic viral practice, and trailers are still the most mainstream way for people to learn about movies. We got the hilarious red band trailer for 21 Jump Street, and What to Expect When Your Expecting. The trailer for Cabin in the Woods, shows us why you should never go into the woods. We also got not one, but two indie trailers to show you this week. The trailers for Fat Kid Rules the World and On the Road debuted this week. Hit the jump to see these incredible trailers.

21 Jump Street
If there is any move that has surprised me this year, it would have to be 21 Jump Street. Normally I would jump at the chance to see a Jonah Hill movie, but since Channing Tatum was attached to it as well, I became worried. Since seeing all the trailers and clips, I believe that 21 Jump Street will be the surprise hit of the summer.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting
I may have exaggerated when I said the trailer for What to Expect When You’re Expecting was hilarious. Because quite frankly the male-centric trailer, not only fails to deliver the comedy, but it doesn’t really feel like its focused for the males. Whatever the reason for this trailer’s release, I doubt that any male would sit and watch this movie

Cabin in the Woods
So after a year of sitting on MGM’s shelf, Lionsgate has finally picked up the rights to distribute this movie. In fact its making its official debut at SXSW, and from what I heard, its pretty good. We’ve already seen one trailer, so why not reacquaint yourselves with the characters with this new one.

Fat Kid Rules the World
Its a shame that these out of place kids trying to fit in is the premise for nearly all the teen related indie movies. But Fat Kid Rules the World is different, because it provides a punk rock spin to it. Plus it comes from Matthew Lillard (remember him from Scream and Scooby Doo?), so that should be a good enough reason to check this one out.

On the Road
Finally, we are getting our first look at On the Road, or the one movie that will have Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart haters eating crow. The two look in their element. Lost in the voiceover the the sounds of the Beat Generation, On the Road looks like it has the potential to be really, really good.What did you think of this week’s trailers? Which was your favorite? Do you agree with the Internet buzz? Of course, every week there are a lot more trailers, teasers, TV spots, and clips that we can’t cover, so go to to see your favorites. You can also download trailers in HD at, or the new iTunes Movie Trailers App on your iPhone or iPad.

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