Men in Black III Viral Ends With Bugeyes Joining the MIB

Well I guess I could have teased the ending a bit more, but considering how anticlimatic it is anyway, I figured it didn’t matter. The Men in Black III viral campaign seems to have come to an end, and Bugeyes gets what he’s always dreamed of. Get the details after the jump.

Bugeyes posted a new video today where he receives a silver suitcase from the Men in Black that has the last suit he’ll ever wear.

With the help of other MIBelievers, Bugeyes also figured out the pink surprise cakes are being used to smuggle information without the MIB knowing. His investigative prowess is what earned him his spot with the Men in Black. Maybe his new name will be “B”.

Men in Black III opens in 3D on May 25th.

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