“Brave” Press Conference: Kelly MacDonald And Co. Speak About Animal Changing Moms, Pixar, And More

Brave is now out in theaters (read my review of the film here), and the film’s stars got a chance to sit down and talk about the film with various members of the press just hours before the film christened the opening of the new Dolby Theater (formally the Kodak Theater). During the press conference, Kelly MacDonald, Kevin McKidd, and Craig Ferguson talked about what it was like to be inducted to the Pixar family, how they got to their point in their careers, and what kinds of animals they think their mothers would turn into. Hit the jump to read some excerpts from the press conference.

MV: Number one, what was your first feeling when you knew you were going to be the newest Disney Princess? And secondly, do you have any plans to continue with the voice of Merida in any future projects, whether they be toys or more films?

KELLY: Um, I, ah, um, attention to detail is not my strong point and – and I have, it – it quickly passed my by that I was going to be the first female protagonist in a, in a Pixar movie until quite recently, until, really until I started doing interviews. Um, and I – I’m kind of glad that I didn’t know what I was doing, because it would have been a lot of pressure. But, um, it, I don’t think, I – I don’t think I personally have watched a Pixar movie and – and felt – felt wronged in that there wasn’t a female protagonist.

I think that, you know, they make films about fish, and toys, and robots, and, you know, and there’s some really strong female characters in those films and in the INCREDIBLES and – and Jessie from TOY STORY. So I never felt like I was, um, missing out on that. But I am very, I feel very privileged having said all that, I am very privileged.

MV: Seeing that the movie involves Merida using a spell to change her mother into a bear, what kind of animal would your mother change into:

Craig: So you could sort of be involved in a conspiracy to turn your mother into an animal. I don’t, I don’t think, I – I don’t think I would ever have done that.

KELLY: No, uh-huh.

Craig: I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have thought my relationship would have been improved by her having claws. [Laughs]

KELLY: I agree.

KEVIN: Yeah.

KELLY: Oh, I – I can’t even think of an animal that, I mean, she – she’s a homebody, my mom. I would, I would, I think I would turn her into a cat, because I think she would be very happy.

KEVIN: Aahh.

KELLY: In front of the fire.

KEVIN: I don’t know what I would turn my mom into. [Laughs] But it all feels like every answer’s going to be bad. Um …

KELLY: Insulting.

KEVIN: Ah, yeah. I mean, turn her into a beautiful hummingbird, so she could fly and be free, there you go, so, yeah.


CRAIG: Oh, yeah, that’s very nice, yeah.

KEVIN: My mom will like that. [Laughs]

CRAIG: I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright, I’ll be alright. [Laughs]

KEVIN: I’ll give you my real answer later.

MV: I wanted to ask, I believe the theme of the movie is taking control of your destiny or whatever. Is it something in your life that was kind of out of control for a bit that you took control over?

KELLY: Are you asking that to Kevin? I think she’s asking you that.

KEVIN: Ah, yeah, I mean, I guess, I was from a wee town in the northeast of Scotland and, you know, and there was nobody up there that, I think I was about eight or nine when I suddenly wanted to do this crazy acting thing. And I had no clue how to ever pursue that up there, you know, there was no theater, you know, national theater in Scotland or anything up there, you know, there’s sheep, and, ah, fields …

CRAIG: And they’re a very tough crowd. [Laughs]

KEVIN: Exactly. And so, yeah, it was like, you know, I kind of just had to really take matters into my own hands and sort of really doggedly pursue this thing, which I tried to eventually – managed to get to be lucky enough to get to do. So, yeah, I mean, I think the message is a very powerful one for young people. Um, because I really took, you know, it’s like this – this kids who’s on one path, you know, I was going to be a plumber like my dad essentially and I manage, and I kind of changed that. Now there’s probably good sides and bad sides to me changing my own fate, you know.

CRAIG: Very difficult to get a good plumber in Los Angeles.

KEVIN:[Laughs] Exactly. So, you know, there, I think that’s another subtle message in the film that, do you really want to change your fate or not, you know, there’s always a payoff, you know.

Brave opens in theaters today.

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