Watch the First Episode of Interactive Social Film “The Beauty Inside”

The Beauty Inside is a new interactive web series from Toshiba and Intel, makers of the social film experience Inside. While the last time around we got to dive to the horror/thriller genre, this time we have a romantic comedy with a unique twist. The first episode debuted tonight, so check it out after the break.

Alex is a 20-something guy who restores antiques and sells them online. This might not sound very interesting, but his problem is that he wakes up everyday in an entirely new body. This suits him well until he falls for a girl (Mary E. Winstead). The first episode helps set up the premise.

You might have noticed that Topher Grace does the narration as Alex, and you might have also noticed that there were a lot of people playing Alex at some point or another. In fact, many of the versions of Alex shown only through the webcam are fans like you who submitted their videos on Facebook. You could still be in a future episode, so be sure to submit your entries now.

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