The Buzz (Link Dump Edition): Evil Dead, Avengers, Justice League, and More!

The Buzz is a feature in which we usually round up the Top 3 most-buzzed-about movie/TV stories of the week (in more-or-less chronological order). This week however, we got a little behind, so we instead are providing a nice link dump of several of the top stories that got people talking this week. Enjoy.

By far the most commented story of the week: ‘Dark Knight’ Cinematographer Wally Pfister Calls ‘Avengers’ Appalling. Avengers director Joss Whedon replied with just, “I’m sorry to hear it, I’m a fan.” Writer Jonathan Nolan talked about the ending to The Dark Knight Rises.

While we are on the topic of superhero movies, Warner Bros. is looking to release Justice League in 2015, Hugo Weaving doesn’t want to play Red Skull again, Ant-Man gets a release date, and Clark Gregg will reprise his role of Agent Coulson in the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show.

In other news, the Evil Dead remake was at New York Comic-Con, where the studio debuted the first trailer and image. Also, Ghostbusters 3 is looking to finally begin filming next summer, and we find out why Steven Spielberg has never directed a James Bond movie.

Did we miss any stories that got you buzzing this week?

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