Moonrise Kingdom Wants Your Help Designing “For Your Consideration” Posters

You know awards season is approaching when the phrase “For Your Consideration” starts popping up everywhere. 2012’s most well-regarded films have begun crafting their print and online advertising campaigns to best appeal to awards voters for nominations. One film expected to receive awards love, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, is taking a unique approach to the process by asking fans to help create posters their own posters to use in the campaign. Hit the jump for details.

Interested applicants are encouraged to get creative with their poster design, and Focus Features provides logos and stills from the film to get started. The information we were received about the contest is below, and you can learn more about at the film’s Tumblr page:


“Building off of the spontaneous outpouring of fan art arriving throughout the theatrical campaign, Focus has encouraged fans to share their artistic talents once again by designing an awards-season advertisement (“For Your Consideration”) for a chance to win a $500 prize and placement in Focus’ ongoing awards campaign. Submissions are due by Monday, November 26th and winners will be announced on Friday, November 30th.”


Historically, “For Your Consideration” posters list the desired awards a film hopes to be considered for and splashes them across iconic images from the film. They tend to be placed in print publications like newspapers and trade magazines. Recently, they have emerged online in the form of web banners, where they reach those likely voting on nominees. I love that Focus Features is turning to the fans and making the campaigns more inclusive. After all, while the different academies and guilds ultimately choose the award winners, it’s the movie-going public that plays a huge role in generating buzz and creating awards season momentum. Moonrise Kingdom’s box office and word-of-mouth success thus far is certainly proof of that.

I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Moonrise Kingdom, but Anderson is consistently great (The Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my favorite movies ever) and I hope to check it out before The Golden Globes and Oscars next year. From the buzz I have heard, the film may be this year’s Midnight in Paris—an early-year release that receives nominations in several of the major categories due to stellar reviews and strong buzz. And who knows, maybe your poster will be a reason why.

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