D23 & Jim Hill Investigate Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland Conspiracy


Formerly known as 1952, Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is up an running and getting ready for production as it’s set for a December 2014 release. The film is ripe for viral potential as the 1952 mystery box that inspired the Damon Lindelof screenplay is stacked with vintage Disney paraphernalia and other sci-fi oddities. Now D23 and Disney expert Jim Hill got a closer look at the box and did some extra digging to get a better idea of what audiences are in for. FYI, everything that follows in this post are either theories or pure speculation and have been unconfirmed by parties involved. So read on to find out if their theories are sound ones.

Starting off with the D23 investigation. They have looked through the contents on the photo have have discovered a few things. In addition to the issue of Amazing Stories (which features a man in a space suit flying with a jet pack) are black-and-white photos of Walt Disney shaking hands with Major Woodlief of the U.S. Army Reserve General Fund. According to D23, that photo was taken in September 1943. A lot of the article includes speculation and hypnotizing as to what some of the contents of the envelop, vhs tape, and master tape contain. They do not provide any definitive answers, but what would you expect, Tomorrowland is still very much in the early stages of production.

Jim Hill also did a bit of investigating, but went further than just the contents of the box. In his report, he theorizes that the contents of the 1952 box and Tomorrowland are related to Project Blue Book, a real-life study conducted by the U.S. government that researched unidentified flying objects. The report mentions that Ward Kimball, an animator for Disney, was approached by the U.S. government to produce a film that would say UFOs were real. This wouldn’t be the first time that Disney and the government worked together.

These theories has led many to believe that film star George Clooney will be playing Walt Disney himself. Of course, it is just a theory.

So these stories, reports, and theories led us to believe that the Disney Marketing Team could have a conspiracy viral on their hands. There is limitless potential when it comes to that with conspiracy theories being very real and very much a part of today’s pop culture. We’ll just have to wait and see if they decide to go with it or do something else.

What do you think? Should the Disney Marketing Team go with a conspiracy theory themed viral?

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