“Veronica Mars” Movie Updates

Veronica Mars

It’s been just over a week since the Kickstarter campaign launched to get a Veronica Mars movie. Now that the film has been funded (with over $3.7 million so far), the focus starts shifting to the content of the movie. Fortunately, creator Rob Thomas has given us some ideas about what to look for in the movie, as well as an update on the campaign. Details after the break.

The movie will take place 10 years after Veronica Mars and the gang graduated high school, being at least partly set at their reunion. Thomas spoke to TV Line and EW about what we should and shouldn’t expect in the film. Below are a few highlights.

  1. Veronica will have a boyfriend, but it won’t be Logan
  2. Veronica has been busy since the show ended. Giving up the PI life, transferred and graduated from Stanford, and ended going to Columbia Law School. She’s interviewing with New York law firms, but has yet to take the bar.
  3. The movie won’t dive too far into the show’s mythology in order to make it palatable for general audiences.
  4. The movie is expected to be rated PG-13
  5. Veronica won’t die, but other character might. They are leaving it open to a sequel or new series.
  6. Filming might take place in Baton Rouge, LA due to costs.
  7. Only Thomas and Kristen Bell are signed on so far, while the rest of the cast is in negotiations.
  8. Thomas wants to see Freaks and Geeks follow in their footsteps.

If you’re looking to keep up to date on the campaign itself, the Veronica Mars movie YouTube channel has posted a few videos so far, including the one below that was posted today. You can also follow along on Instagram.

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