Fake Terrible Ads Headline Viral Campaign for “100 Bloody Acres”

morgans organic

100 Bloody Acres is an Australian Horror Comedy about two brothers who sell fertilizer and use human parts as their “special ingredient”. To help promote the movie, Campfire & GMD Studios have created some deliberately awful amateur commercials for Morgan’s Organic Fertilizer. Check them out after the break, as well as more ways to learn about this unique fictional company.

The second ad was actually featured on Buzzfeed for how terrible it is, so I guess their strategy is working. The viral fun doesn’t stop there, however. You can follow the fictional fertilizer company on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their homepage. From the 90s website design to the VHS-style commercials, they really put an effort into making everything look severely outdated.

100 Bloody Acres is scheduled to be released in the US on June 28th.

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