“Personal Demons” Kickstarter Takes A Unique Approach

personal demons

As an independent filmmaker, I’ve been a part of two successful Kickstarter campaigns, so I know how important it is to make a movie pitch that catches people’s attention. When you don’t have the luxury of having some movie star like Zach Braff or Kristen Bell behind your project, you have to do something different with your campaign approach to get people to contribute. Adam Cosco’s campaign for his film Personal Demons is definitely different. Check out his unconventional approach after the jump.

The film Personal Demons is what the director describes as a “front line paranoid neighbor movie.” It’s about a washed up reporter who thinks his new neighbor, an acquitted murderer, may not be as innocent as he portrays himself to be. You can can check out the film’s Kickstarter video below:

The filmmaker hopes to raise $100,000 to make the film and he’s already a third of the way to his goal with 22 days to go as of today. Cosco has done a great job with creating affordable perks for the film. Just donating five dollars to the project can get you a copy of the script. Donate ten dollars and you can get a downloadable HD copy as well as a copy of the script. Contribute thirty dollars and you can get a Blu-ray of the film. You can check out the Kickstarter page for all of the different perks.

What makes this campaign different is a series of videos director Adam Cosco created which focus on several of his actors and as well as himself. These aren’t your normal promotional videos for a film, because every video shows each person in a compromising situation such as abandoning a kid on the side of the road, robbing a house or smoking crack on the streets of LA.  The videos end with them asking you to visit their Kickstarter page, so you can  “help them with their personal demons.”

Shot in a way that makes the videos seem like they were shot on VHS, they definitely stand out as an interesting way to get eyeballs to the film’s Kickstarter campaign. Check out all the promotional videos below:

You can find out more about the Personal Demons film and its promotional campaign at their Kickstarter page. The campaign ends on July 13th.

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